What Is a Car Lockout Kit, And Do You Actually Need One?

what is car lockout kit

Regardless of how careful and detailed you are, It’s almost impossible to avoid making mistakes. Even if you happen to be one of those people that are near-perfect, you can still find yourself in frustrating and awkward situations as a result of relying on people or just being around them. 

Having your car key locked inside your car is one of those mistakes that are imaginable. It could be a result of a clumsy moment or your kids playing around. Either way, it happens, and when it does, it is unnecessary to spend time beating yourself up or getting angry at the person who made the mistake. Especially when It is a mistake you can quickly rectify, you just get to the solution. 

There are two ways to access your car without the key. You can either call a professional locksmith or unlock it yourself with tools that can easily be found in a car lockout kit. In this article, we explain what a  car tool kit is, how to use it, its pros and cons, and whether you actually need it.

What is a Lockout Kit?

A car lockout kit provides you with various tools that can be used to unlock your car without your keys. Having a lockout kit is an alternative to other time-consuming or damaging options. Calling a professional locksmith is a good option but if you are in a hurry and you need to get somewhere as soon as you can, it probably does not sound cool. 

Breaking your car window might also sound exciting but then there’s this thing called injury and let’s not even talk about the $200 expense it takes to repair a smashed window. With a car lockout kit, you can take out the needed tools and quickly unlock your car.

car lockout kit

How much does a car lockout kit cost?

Car lockout kits are very affordable. On Amazon, the price of a lockout kit ranges between $25 and $50. The specific cost depends on the number of tools in the kit. A car lockout kit with the necessary tools can be easily gotten within this price range. Most importantly, buying a car lockout kit costs way less than fixing a car window. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

How Do You Use a Car Lockout Kit?

Using a car lockout kit is quite technical. For a first-timer, it can be quite difficult. But when you get familiar with the basic techniques, unlocking your car becomes really easy. It is important to first practice with the tools when you get a lockout kit. Practicing when you have access to your car key is a good way to master the unlocking process. It prepares you for the actual moment when you would have to use the tools in a hurry or in an emergency situation.


What Tools Can Unlock a Car Door and How Can You Use Them?

Lock Picking Set

Lockpicking is a very technical way of unlocking a car. It is the most advanced way of unlocking a car and is commonly used by highly technical people. It is very difficult to learn and even more difficult to use in an emergency situation when you are not at your calmest. But It can be learned.

Lockpicking sets contain different kinds of tools. Pin, plastic, and metal are some of the tools that can be found in a lockpicking set.

lockpicking kit

Single Pin Picks

Single Pin Picking is one of the most authentic ways to unlock a car because if done right, its accuracy is guaranteed. The logic behind using single pin picks is that it makes you feel in control because you can know exactly what is happening. 

Single pin picks enable you to move each component of the lock independently. The way you use a single pin pick varies in various locks as a result of the differences in cars. But the premise behind the use of single pin picks is that you feel all of the internal components of the lock. You have to manipulate all of the components of the lock until you feel they are loose. When you feel a component that is not loose, you have to increase the tension and keep moving until you feel It’s loose.

straight pins

Pump Wedge

A pump wedge is an inflatable, flexible material that is used in the process of unlocking a car. Wedges are essential items to have in your lockout kit because they can be used to expand a car door. In order to use a wedge, you have to insert it into the door jam in a flat manner and then pump the bladder so that the pouch expands. 

The expanding pouch provides sufficient horizontal leverage to crack open the car door and use additional tools to reach deeper inside the vehicle. A pump wedge is included in every auto locksmith’s car lockout kit.

pump wedge

Slim Jim

A slim jim is another essential tool that must be in a lockout kit. It is a very efficient way to unlock a car and quite easier when compared to some other methods. The thinness of its metal allows you to penetrate deep inside the vehicle by sliding between the car window and the weather stripping. After penetrating the tight space, you wiggle the slim jim around and attempt to unlock the car by using the hook on the end of the tool.

Using slim jim may seem very easy but absolute care is required when using this tool. When penetrating the tight space between a car window and the window stripping, there are things that need to be avoided. Inadvertently touching something you are not supposed to can cause serious damage.

slim jim

Pros and Cons of Car Lockout Kits

Pros of Lockout Kits

  • Car lockout kits are affordable and effective 

Car lockout kits are very affordable and effective. With less than $50 dollars, you can get a lockout kit and you can use it repeatedly. In the majority of the cases, a lockout kit is less expensive than hiring a locksmith even once. 

  • They save time

Having a lockout kit saves time. Instead of waiting for a professional locksmith, you can use the kit to unlock your vehicle right away. Regardless of how fast your lockout professional is, they will never be as quick as having a kit at hand.

Cons of Lockout Kits

  • Car lockout kits do not work on every car

One disadvantage of relying on car lockout kits is that they do not work on every car. Several car manufacturers are constantly making their locking mechanisms more secure to prevent burglars and thieves from breaking into cars using lockout kits. A home lockout kit may not be able to open your car door if it has a locking mechanism that is secure enough.

  • They can be damaging 

Aside from the technical skill needed to operate tools in a lockout kit, the tools are also crude. Incorrect use of these tools can result in vehicle damage.  You could scratch your car or damage its locking mechanism. Ultimately, You could end up spending more money repairing your car than you would have spent on a locksmith.

Can Any Car Door Be Unlocked?

No, tools in car lockout kits do not work on every car door. The kits are built for general models and may not work on highly technical models. Though there are versatile tools like single pin picks, there is still no guarantee that they would work on your car. The best option is to ensure that you verify if these tools can unlock your car before splashing money on a lockout kit.

Should You Call Someone to Help You Unlock Your Vehicle?

If you are not sure of your ability to use a lockout kit, It is best to call a professional locksmith. Also, if you are unsure whether these tools would work on your vehicle, it is best to call a locksmith. But If you can confidently use the tools in a lockout kit and you are sure that it can work on your vehicle, you can get a lockout kit.

locked out of your car


Car lockout kits are a great buy due to their affordability and effectiveness. They cost less in price and can be used for a long period of time. They also save you time and come in handy during an emergency. However, the tools in car lockout kits are crude and can easily damage your car if used improperly. Using these tools requires a decent level of technical skill and they also do not work on every car. 

Whether you should get a car lockout kit or not depends on your level of technical skill and the type of car you use. It is best to verify if the tools in a lockout kit work on your car. If they do not work on your car, It is better not to get them. If they do work on your car and you can operate them without causing damage, then you should get a car lockout kit. 

However, if you’re ever in a bind at Automotive Key Solutions we’re on standby 24/7 to help you with any Car Key Replacement issues you might have. 

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