Where To Get Keys Made Near You: Top Reliable Options

Looking for reliable key duplication? Automotive Key Solutions offers expert locksmith services for all your needs. Discover the best places to get keys made…
Where To Get Keys Made Near You: Top Reliable Options

Key Takeaways

  • Convenience and Accessibility: There are numerous accessible options for key duplication, from hardware and retail stores to grocery stores and key kiosks.
  • Expertise and Specialization: For specialized keys, such as high-security or automotive keys, locksmiths and dealerships offer the necessary expertise and equipment.
  • Affordable and Quick Solutions: Key duplication services are generally affordable and can be quickly completed at various locations, including home improvement centers and local key cutting services.


Automotive Key Solutions is known for its reliability and expertise in Houston. Our unmatched proficiency spans across residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services, making us the go-to option for any key-related needs. With over 4,662 key fobs replaced and an extensive service range covering Houston and its surrounding areas, our track record is a testament to our dedication and skill.

In this article, we will explore various reliable options for key duplication and cutting services. We’ll cover a range of places from hardware stores and retail giants to specialized locksmiths and convenient key kiosks. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of the best places to get your keys made, ensuring you can find the most suitable and convenient option for your needs.


Option 1: Hardware Stores

Hardware stores are a popular and reliable option for getting keys made. They often have the necessary equipment and trained staff to quickly duplicate a wide range of key types.



Hardware stores are widely available in most neighborhoods, making them a convenient option for key duplication. You can often find a hardware store close to home or work, saving you time and effort. Their extended hours also make it easy to fit key duplication into your schedule.

Automotive Key Solutions is here to help for specialized locksmith services that hardware stores may not offer. We provide expert key fob duplication, car key replacement, and emergency locksmith services. Call us today for fast, reliable service in the Houston area.



Hardware stores can duplicate standard house keys, office keys, and some automotive keys. They typically stock a wide selection of key blanks, ensuring they can match most common key types.



Prices for key cutting at hardware stores are generally reasonable, making it an economical choice. You can expect to pay just a few dollars per key, which is much cheaper than specialized locksmith services. Many hardware stores also offer discounts for multiple key duplications, providing even more savings.


Quick Service

Most hardware stores can duplicate keys while you wait, usually taking just a few minutes. This makes it easy to pop in during a lunch break or while running errands without losing significant time.



Staff at hardware stores are typically experienced in key cutting and can provide reliable service. They are trained to use key cutting machines accurately and can handle a variety of key types. Additionally, if you have any questions or issues with your keys, the staff can often provide helpful advice and solutions.


Option 2: Retail Stores


Retail stores, particularly large chains, often offer key duplication services as a convenient addition to their wide range of products and services.

Many of these stores are located in easily accessible areas such as shopping malls and commercial centers. This makes it simple to combine key duplication with other shopping needs. Stores like Walmart, Target, and Sears are common examples where key cutting services are available.


Wide Service Hours

Retail stores typically have extended hours, including weekends and holidays. This flexibility allows you to get keys made at a time that suits your schedule, even outside of traditional business hours.


Affordable Pricing

Key duplication services at retail stores are usually competitively priced. They often run promotions or offer discounts, making it cost-effective to get multiple keys made. 


Diverse Key Types

Retail stores can duplicate a wide range of key types, from house and office keys to some car keys. While they may not handle highly specialized or high-security keys, they can typically cover most everyday needs. It’s a good idea to check with the store in advance if you have a less common key type.


Option 3: Automotive Dealerships

Specialized Equipment

Automotive dealerships have the specialized equipment necessary to duplicate and program car keys, especially for newer models. These keys often include electronic components like transponders or remote controls that standard key cutting machines can’t handle.


Expert Knowledge

Dealership technicians are trained in the specific requirements of different car brands and models. This expertise ensures that your new key will work perfectly with your vehicle’s ignition and security systems. They can also provide advice on the best type of key for your vehicle, whether it’s a basic key or a more advanced fob or smart key.


OEM Standards

Keys made at dealerships are usually Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) keys, meaning they meet the same standards as the original keys provided with your car. This ensures high quality and compatibility, reducing the risk of malfunctions or security issues. OEM keys are also often more reliable and durable than aftermarket alternatives.


Warranty And Support

Dealerships often offer warranties or guarantees on their key duplication services. This can provide peace of mind, knowing that if there’s an issue with your new key, the dealership will address it. Additionally, they can provide support and troubleshooting if you encounter any problems with your car’s keys.


Higher Cost

While dealership services are typically more expensive than other key duplication options, the cost is justified by the quality and precision offered. Prices can vary depending on the complexity of the key and the programming required, but many find the investment worthwhile for the assurance of proper functionality and security.


Option 4: Locksmiths

Locksmiths are experts in key duplication and offer a wide range of key-related services. They are a versatile and reliable option for getting keys made. Here are some key points about getting keys made by locksmiths:


Expertise And Experience

Locksmiths are highly trained professionals with extensive knowledge of various types of keys and locks. Their expertise allows them to handle complex key duplication tasks, including high-security keys, electronic keys, and specialized keys that other services might not be able to duplicate.


Wide Range Of Services

In addition to duplicating keys, locksmiths offer a broad spectrum of related services. These include rekeying locks, repairing broken keys, and creating keys from scratch when no original is available. Locksmiths can also provide emergency services, such as unlocking doors and creating new keys on the spot, making them a comprehensive solution for key and lock issues.


Mobile Services

Many locksmiths offer mobile services, bringing their expertise and equipment directly to your location. This is particularly useful if you’re locked out of your home or car and need immediate assistance. Mobile locksmiths can often provide on-the-spot key duplication, saving you the trip to a physical location and offering convenience in urgent situations.


Locksmiths Offer Mobile Key Services


Security And Quality

Locksmiths prioritize security and quality in their work. They use high-quality materials and advanced key cutting machines to ensure the durability and reliability of the duplicated keys. Additionally, locksmiths can offer advice on improving the security of your locks and keys, providing valuable insights to enhance your overall security.


Cost Consideration

While locksmith services can be more expensive than other key duplication options, the higher cost is often justified by the level of expertise, range of services, and quality provided. The price varies depending on the type of key and the complexity of the task, but many customers find the added security and reliability worth the investment.


Option 5: Key Kiosks

Convenience and Accessibility

Key kiosks are automated, self-service machines designed for quick and convenient key duplication. These kiosks are often found in high-traffic, easily accessble areas like shopping malls, grocery stores, and big-box retail stores. Their widespread presence means you can find one in many neighborhoods, ensuring you don’t have to travel far to get a key made.


User-Friendly Process

The process of duplicating a key at a kiosk is straightforward and user-friendly. You simply insert your existing key into the machine, which scans it and creates a duplicate. The entire process takes just a few minutes, and instructions are usually displayed on a screen to guide you through each step.


Affordable Pricing

Key kiosks generally offer competitive and affordable pricing for key duplication. The cost is usually lower than what you might pay at a locksmith or dealership. Additionally, some kiosks offer discounts for multiple keys or promotional pricing, making it a cost-effective solution for duplicating keys.


Variety of Key Types

While key kiosks are primarily designed to duplicate standard house keys and office keys, some models can also handle certain types of specialty keys. However, they may not be able to duplicate high-security or electronic keys. It’s advisable to check the capabilities of the kiosk before using it to ensure it can handle your specific key type.


Innovative Features

Many modern key kiosks come equipped with innovative features such as key customization options, allowing you to choose different designs or colors for your new keys. Some kiosks also offer the option to store your key information digitally, making it easier to get duplicates made in the future without needing the original key.


Option 6: Online Key Duplication Services

Online key duplication services offer a modern and convenient way to get keys made without needing to visit a physical location. These services allow you to order key duplicates from the comfort of your home and have them delivered directly to your doorstep.



Online services provide the ultimate convenience, allowing you to order key duplicates at any time, from anywhere. You simply need to send a clear image of your key or mail the original to the service provider. This eliminates the need to travel and can save a significant amount of time, especially for those with busy schedules.


Wide Range Of Key Types

Online key duplication services can handle a diverse array of key types, including standard house keys, office keys, and many types of car keys. Some services specialize in high-security keys and electronic keys, providing solutions that might not be available at local key duplication outlets. This makes online services a versatile option for various key needs.


Quality And Precision

Reputable online key duplication services use advanced technology to ensure precise and high-quality key duplicates. The use of high-resolution imaging and sophisticated cutting machines ensures that the new keys will work just as well as the originals. Providers often guarantee their work, offering replacements if the keys do not function correctly.



Security is a top priority for online key duplication services. Most providers use secure methods for transmitting and storing your key information, ensuring that your key data is protected. Some services also offer encryption and other security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your key details.


Affordable Pricing And Offers

Many online key duplication services offer competitive pricing, often comparable to or even lower than traditional methods. They may also provide discounts for bulk orders or offer promotional deals. Additionally, the convenience of home delivery adds value to the service, potentially offsetting any higher costs.


Customer Support

Online services typically offer robust customer support to assist with any issues or questions you might have. Whether you need help with the ordering process or have concerns about your duplicate keys, customer service representatives are usually available via phone, email, or chat to provide assistance.


Option 7: Home Improvement Centers

Home improvement centers provide convenience, expertise, and a wide array of services. These centers are well-equipped to handle various key types and provide reliable key cutting services. Here are some key points about getting keys made at home improvement centers:

  • Comprehensive Services: Home improvement centers offer comprehensive key duplication services, including house keys, office keys, and some automotive keys. They often have a wide selection of key blanks, ensuring they can provide accurate duplicates.
  • Expert Staff: The staff at home improvement centers are typically trained and experienced in key cutting. Their expertise ensures that your keys are duplicated accurately and function properly.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: Home improvement centers are widely available and conveniently located in many communities. With large parking lots and easy access, these centers make it simple to drop by and get your keys duplicated. Additionally, many home improvement centers are located near residential areas, reducing travel time and effort.
  • Affordable Pricing: Key duplication services at home improvement centers are usually competitively priced, making it an economical choice for getting multiple keys made.
  • Quick Turnaround: Most home improvement centers offer quick key duplication services, often completing the task while you wait. The process typically takes just a few minutes.
  • Additional Services: In addition to key duplication, home improvement centers often offer other related services, such as lock rekeying, lock replacement, and security advice.


Option 8: Local Key Cutting Services

Local key cutting services, often small businesses or independent shops, provide personalized and specialized key duplication options. These services are typically found in smaller retail spaces, kiosks, or dedicated key cutting and locksmith shops.


Personalized Service

One of the main advantages of local key cutting services is the personalized attention you receive. The staff are usually highly skilled and take the time to ensure your keys are duplicated accurately. They can offer custom solutions and advice tailored to your specific needs, providing a level of service that larger chains might not match.


Expert Knowledge

Local key cutters are often experts with years of experience in the field. Their expertise allows them to handle a wide range of key types, including high-security keys, antique keys, and other specialized keys. They are equipped to manage complex duplication tasks that might be challenging for less experienced staff at larger stores.


Flexible And Quick Service

Without the long lines or waiting times sometimes found in larger stores, you can usually get your keys duplicated promptly at local key cutting shops. Some local shops even offer appointment options, allowing you to schedule a convenient time for your key duplication needs.


Competitive Pricing

Local key cutting services often offer competitive pricing, comparable to or even lower than larger chains. They may also provide discounts for bulk orders or for loyal customers.


Variety Of Services

Beyond key duplication, local key cutting services often offer a variety of related services. These can include lock repair, lock rekeying, custom key creation, and even emergency lockout assistance.


Local Key Cutting Services


Final Thoughts

There are numerous reliable options available for getting keys made near you, each offering distinct advantages. By understanding the unique benefits of each option, you can choose the best place to get your keys made based on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize convenience, affordability, expertise, or a combination of these factors, there is a key duplication service that will meet your requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Keys Made

How much does it cost to get a car key made at a dealership?

The cost of getting a car key made at a dealership can range from $50 to $250 or more, depending on the key type and programming requirements.


Can Walmart make car keys?

Yes, Walmart can duplicate some basic car keys and key fobs using their self-service kiosks, but they may not handle advanced key programming.


Are there mobile services that can come to my location to make a key?

Yes, many locksmiths offer mobile services and can come directly to your location to duplicate or program keys, providing convenience especially in emergencies.


Can I get a key made at an auto parts store?

Some auto parts stores offer key duplication services for basic car keys, but availability and services vary by location.


What information do I need to provide to get a car key made?

Typically, you need to provide the vehicle’s make, model, year, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and in some cases, proof of ownership.


Can I get a key made for an older car?

Yes, many locksmiths and some hardware stores can duplicate keys for older vehicles, as they often do not require complex programming.

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