Keyless Entry Car Advantages: Pros And Cons Of Fobs

This article will cover everything you need to know about keyless entry systems. We'll discuss how they work, look at examples of cars with keyless entry, and explore the pros and cons of this technology.
Keyless Entry Car

Getting into your car has never been easier with a keyless entry system. Walk up to your car, press a button on your key fob, and voila! Your doors unlock automatically. But have you ever stopped to think about the technology behind this convenient feature? 


This article will cover everything you need to know about keyless entry systems. We’ll discuss how they work, look at examples of cars with keyless entry, and explore the pros and cons of this technology. Also, we’ll provide some suggestions on where to find keyless entry systems and discuss the cost of installing this upgrade to your vehicle. 


But first, let’s answer a few basic questions to get us started on our keyless entry journey.

Keyless Entry Car

What Is Keyless Entry?

Keyless entry, also known as keyless entry system, is an intelligent system that allows access to a vehicle without physically inserting a key. This system detects and authenticates your key fob to unlock the car doors and start the engine.

What Is The Difference Between Remote And Keyless Entry?

While most people use the terms “keyless entry” and “remote keyless entry” interchangeably, there is technically a difference. 

A keyless entry system allows you to unlock and start your car without inserting a physical key. However, your key fob must be close to the vehicle (usually 15 – 45 feet) for it to work. 

On the other hand, a remote keyless entry system is the “upgraded” version of a keyless entry system. This system allows users to unlock and start their car from a greater distance, usually up to 800 feet or more, under ideal conditions. During cold seasons, car owners use this feature to start their car before leaving their house or office, so it’s nice and warm when they get inside.

Difference between remote and keyless entry

What Cars Are Keyless?

Many newer car models come with keyless entry as a standard feature. Popular luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, and Lexus all offer keyless entry as standard or optional equipment on their vehicles. Even non-luxury brands, such as Ford and Toyota, offer keyless entry on select models. 

However, don’t fret if you have an older car model that doesn’t have this feature. Keyless entry systems can be added as an aftermarket upgrade for almost any vehicle at an automotive locksmith.

key fob replacement

Keyless Entry Cars - How Does It Work?

Now that we have a basic understanding of what keyless entry is and which cars offer it, let’s dig into the inner workings of this technology. 

Keyless entry systems use radio signals to communicate with your key fob, also known as a transmitter. The car detects the signal from the key fob, authenticates it, and allows access to the vehicle. 

This technology is often used in conjunction with other car security and convenience features, such as:

Remote Start

This convenience feature allows you to start your car from a distance without physically inserting the key into the ignition. It uses the key fob to send a signal to the car’s computer, telling it to start.

Trunk Release

Keyless entry systems allow you to open your car trunk with the touch of a button on your key fob. However, some more advanced keyless entry systems allow you to open your car trunk without touching any button. You just have to stand near the trunk with your key fob, wave your foot under the car’s bumper (if equipped with hands-free trunk release), and it will automatically pop open.

how keyless entry works- trunk release

Panic Alarm

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, keyless entry systems allow you to activate your car’s panic alarm from a distance using the key fob. This will alert others and potentially deter potential attackers.

how keyless entry works - panic alarm

Push Button Start

Cars with a keyless entry system often have a push button start feature, allowing you to start your car without using the physical key. Simply have your key fob on your person and press the ignition button to start the engine.

Pros Of Keyless Cars

With the range of convenience and security features offered by keyless entry systems, it’s no wonder that more and more car manufacturers are making them standard on newer models. Some of the benefits of keyless cars include the following:

Ease Of Use

This is the greatest benefit of keyless cars. Gone are the days of fumbling with a set of keys in the dark and struggling to find the right one to unlock your car or perhaps even trying to unlock your car with a frozen lock in the middle of winter. 

These are all problems solved by keyless cars, where all you have to do is press a button, and voila – your car is unlocked. 

Not only do keyless cars ensure an easy and seamless entry into your car, but they also save you time which can add up in the long run.

Increased Security

Keyless cars also provide an added layer of security to your vehicle. With traditional keys, anyone can potentially copy your key and gain access to your car. Keyless entry systems use a unique code for each key fob, making it hard for someone to duplicate your key fob and gain access to your car.

Provides Peace Of Mind

Keyless cars also offer peace of mind and reduce stress for the owner. You no longer have to worry about losing your keys and being locked out of your car. In addition, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock your car doors, as keyless entry systems automatically lock the doors once you walk out of your car’s range. As long as you have your key fob on you, you’ll always be sure that your car is locked and secure, and that you’ll always be able to access and start your car.

Cons Of Keyless Cars

Although keyless cars have many benefits, they also have some drawbacks. These include:


Keyless cars can be expensive, both in terms of purchasing the car itself and replacing a lost or damaged key fob. Keyless entry system is often considered a luxury feature and can add to the overall cost of a car. In addition, replacing a lost or damaged key fob can also be expensive, as it requires reprogramming the key fob to work with your car’s system.

Safety Concerns

There have been some safety concerns raised with keyless cars, as they can potentially start on their own without the owner’s knowledge, if the key fob is in close proximity. This can lead to dangerous situations, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, if the car is left running in an enclosed space such as a garage.


Keyless cars can also be unreliable, as the key fob’s signal can potentially be disrupted by other electronic devices or even interfered with by hackers. This can result in the key fob being unable to unlock or start the car. 


Additionally, some keyless entry systems have been found to be vulnerable to “relay attacks,” where thieves use a device to amplify and extend the signal from the key fob, allowing them to unlock and steal the car.

Keyless Entry Car Security

Although there are some drawbacks and concerns with keyless cars, there are also steps you can take to ensure the security of your keyless car. Some of these steps include: 

  • Keep your key fob out of sight and away from electronic devices 

To prevent potential relay attacks, try to keep your key fob out of sight, away from electronic devices, and as far away from your car as possible when not in use. 

  • Invest in a signal-blocking pouch or Faraday cage 

These can block any outside signals from interfering with your key fob’s signal and potentially gaining access to your car.

Keyless entry car security
  • Regularly check for any recalls or updates 

Be sure to regularly check for any recalls or updates for your car’s keyless entry system, and update your system as necessary for added security. 


Overall, keyless cars provide convenience and added security, but it’s important to take proper precautions to ensure the safety and security of your keyless car.

Can You Get Keyless Entry On Any Car?

Keyless entry is not available on all cars and may only be available as an added feature on certain models or trim levels. 

However, it is possible to have a keyless entry added to any car as long as it is compatible with the vehicle’s system. This can often be done through aftermarket options, such as purchasing a key fob and having it programmed to work with your car. 

Always be sure to consult an automotive locksmith or a dealership before attempting to add keyless entry to your car, as it is important to ensure compatib

Where To Buy Car Keyless Entry System

Car keyless entry systems are often available through automotive locksmiths or dealerships. They can also be purchased online from various retailers, such as Amazon or eBay. 

However, it is important to ensure compatibility before purchasing a keyless entry system for your specific make and model of car, as not all systems will work with all vehicles. 

It is always best to consult an automotive locksmith or dealership for advice and assistance before purchasing a keyless entry system.

How Much Is It To Put A Keyless Entry On A Car?

The cost of adding a keyless entry to a car can vary, as it depends on the specific make and model of the car, the type of keyless entry system being added, as well as the average installation services cost in your area. 

Generally, automotive locksmiths provide keyless entry installation at a lower cost than dealerships. On average, they may charge around $300-$600 or more for the keyless entry system and installation.

Go Keyless And Never Lose Your Keys Again!

Keyless entry is important in today’s world, where convenience and security are top priorities. It eliminates the need for carrying around physical keys, which can easily be lost or stolen. Instead, all you need is a key fob that can easily be kept on your person at all times without having to worry about losing it. 

So why not switch to keyless entry and never lose your keys again? It may just be the perfect solution for you.

Upgrade Your Car With Keyless Entry Today

If you’re looking to upgrade your car with keyless entry, Automotive Key Solutions offers top-of-the-line keyless entry systems compatible with a wide range of makes and models. 

Our experienced automotive locksmiths can quickly and efficiently install your keyless entry system, ensuring top-notch security for your vehicle. 

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