Porsche Car Key Replacement Houston TX

Porsche Key Replacement

Porsche manufactured its first car in 1898 and has retained their excellent history of driving performance ever since.  That first car was named the Egger-Lohner electric vehicle, C. 2 Phaeton (also known as P1) –  this was Ferdinand Porsche’s very first design. They have never disappointed with their high performance yet classy take on a high-performance vehicle. High performance cars require exceptional locksmiths who understand every angle and issue that may arise when working on these beautiful machines. Automotive Key Solutions has always offered the best Porsche Car Key services in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas since our inception. We specialize specifically in programming Porsche car key transponders, chipped keys, car key remotes, smart keys, and car key fobs of both new and secondhand cars

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Why do you need a Porsche Key Fob Replacement?

Historically, a Porsche car key could be replaced easily by cutting a new key that fit the door lock and ignition, however after 1995 when the Porsche company introduced the car immobilizer system, all the keys had a specific serial number that needed to be programmed making Porsche car key replacement significantly more complicated. The transponder chip became an anti-theft precaution. It is specifically designed to protect your Porsche cars from being started through a mechanical copy of the key.

We are a trusted local automotive locksmith company that knows exactly how to deal with Porsche key fobs. With the perfect mix of high-end technology and experienced technicians we know exactly how to get the job done to make. Duplicate, and program Porsche car keys.

We are experts at rebuilding and reprograming your new Porsche key fob even if you have lost it or yours is completely unresponsive. If you have any doubts at all and don’t want to be stuck without a car, please give us a call ASAP for your peace of mind. Your Porsche is a high-performance machine and should only be worked on by the absolute best in the business.

Duplicating Porsche Keys

Automotive Key Solutions utilizes one of the most technologically advanced methods to duplicate keys. The early model PK3 keys might be imitated in two ways. The easiest method is when you have an existing copy of the key on hand and can just duplicate its radio frequency by utilizing one of the working keys together with a new transponder key.

The final and most useful method is utilizing diagnostic tools to reprogram a brand-new key fob to the car itself by utilizing specific manufacturing tools designed to allow this special type of Porsche key fob reprogramming. Newer model PK3+ keys can also be duplicated it just needs a slightly more advanced technique to make it work effectively. However, we are the leading Houston Texas expert in all types and have replaced countless Porsche Key Fobs of all years and models.


Emergency Porsche Car Key Replacement

Porsche car key replacement has never been less of a hassle – we will drive to your location and have you on your way in just one to two hours. We utilize the latest and greatest technology to ensure that every single key we replace or Porsche key fob we duplicate comes out perfectly. Give us a call and we will be there in no time. Tired of just having a single key to your high-performance Porsche? Well don’t worry any longer we can get you set up with Porsche spare keys in no time.

How much is a Porsche car key?

The transponder key itself will usually run around $300 for a new key. However, there is a significant labor cost because our tools are all manufacturer based and all require special training and techniques to properly duplicate a Porsche key or reprogram an existing one. For a brand-new remote key this will usually end up around $1000 for a new key. However, every make and year is different so please give us a call for a proper quote!

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